iKF Kiwi Mini Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Sports 25 Battery Life, ENC Clear Call Semi-In-Ear Earphone

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The smooth curves of the body are combined with the delicate glossy material,better suited for Kiwi mini headphones.


Built-in 13mm dynamic speaker, professional team tuned HiFi level three band.It's like being in a concert and enjoying the music that touches your heartstrings, giving you a new experience beyond your imagination.


The smooth curve design is ergonomic, more snug and more comfortable to wear.


ENC clear call noise reduction algorithm is adopted to effectively reduce environmental noise and greatly improve speech intelligibility.

Warranty period:

1 year from the date of product receipt

During the warranty period of the product, due to the quality of the product itself, please contact us with the warranty cardand shopping records to receive a return authorization / free maintenance and shipping instructions.If there is a non-artificial quality problem for more than 3 months, it needs to be sent back to the after-sales address in China at your own expense for after-sales replacement.

The following conditions will not provide free repair

1.Unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, neglect,abuse, accident, alteration, or damage or alteration of the appearance of the product;

2.The product exceeds the warranty period specified by the company;

3.Damage caused by self-disassembly;

4.Failures caused by accidents such as water ingress or falling, squeezing, etc;

5.Normal wear and dirt caused by use,such as scratches,damage caused by contact with chemical reagents,

contact with sharp objects, etc;

6.Outer packaging and accessories, gifts, services other than the products promised by the sales staff,

and additional configurations and gifts;

7. lmproper storage: If the product is exposed to abnormal humidity and temperature for a long time, the

performance is damaged;

8.Failure or damage caused by force majeure.