iKF K2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Power Bass Stereo Sound with Microphone Wired Headset Gaming Mode 50 hours Play Time for online class

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Better music experience

Equipped with a 40mm professional-grade HiFi moving coil loudspeaker unit, combined with a polymer composite diaphragm, the acoustic mystery, tailor-made the ultimate sound quality, showing the splendor of high-resolution sound quality, making the sound more beautiful and beautiful.

50 hours playtime

When fully charged, it can be used for about 50 hours. If you listen to music for a few hours every day, you do not need to charge it for a week. The headset also supports wired connection. Sometimes it is too late to charge and you can use wired connection.

Game mode-- Ultra low latency

The delay rate of turning on the game mode is as low as 0.045 seconds, which belongs to the delay range that the human ear cannot perceive, so that you can devote yourself to the game.

Clear voice capture

Using ENC technology, the ambient sound is accurately noise-reduced during calls, making the human voice more prominent.

Stable Transmission

Using Bluetooth 5.3 chip, the connection is more stable, faster, lower power consumption and it has longer connection distance.

Folding storage, More convenient

The foldable design greatly increases the flexibility of storage, making the overall headset smaller and easy to carry out. Don't forget that there is also a long battery life, and you don't have to worry about power when you travel outdoors.

Pairing 2 devices

The headset can be connected to two devices at the same time. After connecting to a mobile phone, it can also be connected to a computer, tablet, or other devices to meet the needs of various scenarios. Music/games/calls can be seamlessly switched, which is so fun and convenient.


An AUX audio cable is included, which can be plugged into the 3.5 audio interface of a computer or other device. Don't worry about running out of power, and you can continue listening to good music indefinitely.