iKF Mini4 Wireless Earbuds Earphones Bluetooth 5.3 Noise Reduction Semi-in-ear Stereo Gaming Headset Long battery life TWS Headphones for Sport Multi-color optional Small Size Comfortable

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Colour: Green

【Touch operation】-Can adjust the volume 、 playback order 、call Siri or other intelligent voice assistants by touch operation.

【Bluetooth v5.3】Advanced wireless Bluetooth v5.3 solution for anti-interference and stable transmission.

【 Long Battery Life】The headphones can be used continuously for about 4-5 hours under full power, and a total of about 25 hours of listening / audio playback.

【Incredible Small】The charging box is as small as a dial,Easy to carry, a single earphone is only 3.0g.

【Open box self-pairing】-When you open the charging case for the first time, open the phone's Bluetooth search device, and click connect to pair. After pairing successfully, the next time you open the charging case, it pairs automatically.

【Game mode】Have a game mode, after opening, the delay rate is as low as 45ms, let you enjoy the fun of the game.