【Free gift】iKF King (S)- Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Power Bass Stereo Sound with Microphone Wired Headset Gaming Mode 80 hours Play Time for iphone/Xiaomi/Huawei/OPPO

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Active Noise Cancelling

Using hybrid active noise reduction technology, the noise reduction depth can reach up to 38dB, staying out of the noise and immerse yourself deeply into the music.

Powerful Bass

Using 40mm oversized dual-core moving coil speakers, closed ear canal design, high- resolution restoration of sound details, like being in a concert scene.

Protein leather + memory foam

No pressure on the ear and stuffy heat. The earmuffs are made of all-in-ear protein leather with zero pressure-sensitive memory foam. They are skin-friendly and soft, light and breathable, and you will know how comfortable you are when you wear them. At the same time, the design of the telescopic arm + rotating head cover, according to different head shapes and different usage habits, can be fine-tuned to make it more comfortable to wear.

Game Mode -Ultra low latency

Professional-level game mode, the delay is as low as 0.045 seconds, the delay range that the human ear cannot perceive, so that you can devote yourself to the battlefield and easily defeat the enemy to win.

Foldable storage

The arm adopts a foldable design, which greatly increases the flexibility of storage, making the overall headset smaller and easy to carry out. Don't forget that there is also a long battery life, and you don't have to worry about power when you travel outdoors.

Pairing 2 Devices

Support connecting with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.Easily switch between work and entertainment.

Wireless/Wired Connection

An AUX audio cable is included with the package. If the headphone is completely out of power, the wireless headset can be turned into wired headset by inserting the audio cable.

Built-in microphone + external microphone

ENC call noise reduction technology, + Complimentary pluggable professional-grade mic, No matter how noisy the world is, I can still hear you.

80 hours using time

The headset can be used for 80 hours on a full charge, which can meet the needs of daily use for several days without worrying about battery life.